Summer Reading Challenge: The Results

Wadadli Pen

September 9th 2015

The Cushion Club, Wadadli Pen, and CaribbeanReads Publishing are pleased to announce Kevin McCalmon, a student of the Five Islands Primary School, and 15-year-old Shadae Williams as recipients, respectively, of prizes related to the Summer Reading Challenge and the Musical Youth sub-Challenge.

Young people in Antigua and Barbuda were challenged to add some reading to their summer adventures. The prize would go to the person who read the most books, submitting a mini-review as proof of completion. Among the books read by McCalmon was Chee Chee in Paradise, a CaribbeanReads publication featuring a monkey named Chee Chee. “I like that Chee Chee was the star of the book and his brothers were very nice to him,” McCalmon said in his mini-review.

CaribbeanReads is also the publisher of Musical Youth, a book by Antiguan and Barbudan writer Joanne C. Hillhouse, which was a finalist for the Burt…

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