The Line

I remember being that girl, that girl with an impossible, impractical dream and no idea how to make it happen; and I hear something of that girl in her voice – for her dream though completely different from mine is no less impractical. But she has the talent, and like me, she’s going for hers – seeking out and seizing opportunities, trying to make the right moves, the right contacts. And too soon she’s come up against a truth every young girl must face – know your line.

What will you do to get to your dream? Anything, of course. Well, would you …steal, lie, lie up under a man … and when you start to break it down to specifics you come up against the line.

Because if a young girl chasing a dream reaches out to a man in power for opportunity that turns in to an I’m not really trying to help you, I’m just here to get some kind of situation then she has to decide pretty quickly who she is and what she will do, and what she won’t. She has to know her line.

On last night’s Empire, the girl Cookie calls Guadeloupe (so that’s what I’ll call her too) slept with Hakeem who was putting the group together, and was playing Diva even before the group was out of the gate; then in a move straight out of J. R. Ewing’s playbook, Hakeem’s dad, Lucius, slipped her a contract and likely his *bleep* and just like that she was moving on up. Some might say she was smart, many a successful person has *bleeped* their way to the top…right?

And I mean, far be it for me to talk, I’m nothing but a journeying (and too often stumbling) writer but in my role as aunt to the Guadeloupes in my life, I have to remind them to know their line (while I resist the urge to punch the Lucius-wanna-be in the face; because when you’re in a position of power and a young girl with a dream hits you up for a chance, your default response cannot be ooooh booty call…know your blasted place and be progressive instead of another cliché….especially when, unlike Lucius, helping people is actually your job…. and our societal response cannot be *shrug* that’s how Lucius-wanna-beez be, whatchagonnado? Always and for ever placing the onus on the girl to not get caught in the trap)

I wish I could give my Guadeloupes the key to the door to all their dreams, but I can’t, so until then, I keep urging them to go for theirs, believe in themselves, dare, dream, work hard for it and know that nothing’s going to be handed to them, and as for those who dabble in petty politics (forget them) – they haven’t given me one damb thing – not one ticket, not one opportunity, nothing, you have to make this happen and learn to read the people who’ve really got your back as opposed to the people who are trying to get you on your back…and if the time comes when you’ve got to make a choice, know your line.


5 thoughts on “The Line

  1. This needs to be shared far and wide because indeed the Luscious wannabee’s are prevalent and predatory. Reading this made me want to jump up and hi-5 you while smacking the “Bleep” out of some bodies.. at the same time!

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