Sweden’s Popreel Spotlights Wadadli Arts

I shared my interview here before but here you’ll also find links to interviews with Antiguan and Barbudan artist Mark Brown and singer Tian Winter. Good company.

Wadadli Pen

Excerpted from Reading Room V

Pamela Taivassalo Wikholm travelled from Sweden to Antigua in 2015 and interviewed a handful of local artistes – Joanne C. Hillhouse (writer), Tian Winter (singer), Mark Brown (painter); see interview links for all three below.

w/Joanne C. Hillhouse (on Popreel radio):

“The writers from here that I knew, and I have great respect for them, were the calypso writers -people like Shelly Tobitt and Marcus Christopher -because when I was coming up calypso was the literature that I would hear that had some relevance to my community; the other literature that we read was mostly from America or from Britain.”


w/Joanne C. Hillhouse:

“The characters come to me. They don’t always reveal their stories fully, so for me writing is a journey of discovery. Like I can’t always see where it’s going but I’m kind of wandering my way through it and…

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