Photo Fiction Challenge #21: Sad Clown

sad clown

No one knows how hard it is. How hard it is to keep from jumping. When the truth is whether I come to this bridge or not. I’m here. On this ledge. Every day. And every day I turn away. Praying for courage. And it’s true. That some days. I don’t know if it would take more courage to leap or stay. But I do know that all roads lead here. And each day I turn away. Some days in triumph. Some days feeling the weight of my cowardice. Like clothes drenched in rain. Make up running down my face. Some days it is this pathetic image that pulls me from the edge. I do not want my death to be a cliché. I will not be your tragic artist. Is defiance enough of a reason to stay? Today it will have to do.

In response to prompt posted by Random Michelle

See response to prompt #20 here

This prompt response didn’t come via Michelle but I thought I’d share it any way – Pieces of the Past




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