In War, Music

The family that left me here was forced to leave everything behind as they fled. Even a beloved piano that had been in the family for generations. In times of war, life is trimmed to the bare essentials, and beauty and music goes out of it. I am an abandoned thing in a world that has no time for art. Too consumed as it is with blood and death.

Men who make these decisions put a gun in my hand and sent me here. I have lost count of how many I have killed. I can never be clean again. Like the dead, I am a casualty of this war though I am the invader, though I have lost nothing…except myself.

He touches me and I shiver. Whether in relief at being touched after so long alone or in recoil at the stench of death coming from his pores through the heavy fatigues he wears, through his fingers as they touch me.

I was never a good student, more taken with sports than art. I was not a good student. Maybe if I had been I would not be out here. I don’t know. I never wanted anything more complicated than the life my parents had. A partner, some sprogs, a life. I don’t know if I can ever have that, if I will even make it out of this endless war alive. One thing’s for sure, I’m not the boy who first came here.

His fingers are clumsy. There is no art in him.

Still, it’s nice to have this moment…

…this moment of nothing but music…

…bad music…

…but music…

This is my latest prompt response. Thanks Random_Michelle for the only consistent writing I’m getting done these days.

4 thoughts on “In War, Music

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  2. “I am an abandoned thing in a world that has no time for art. Too consumed as it is with blood and death.” This line I loved. You lost me a little at one point, was the story being told from the piano’s perspective? Other than that, sweet write. Thank you for participating, I always look forward to your stories.

      • Was an attempt to move between povs…and then having their povs end up in the same place …one was the piano, one was the soldier, in the end they both want the same thing…just a little peace, a little connection, a little music in dread times…but, of course, if I have to explain it, it wasn’t successful…considered italicizing one of the voices but wanted to see if it could work without such a blatant indicator. Aaand it didn’t… thanks for the feedback.

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