New Venture – Writing is Your Business

Barbara Arrindell & Associates has been running a series of public speaking courses. BAAAWhile doing a critique of her new website, it occurred to me that I had something to offer in a related area of communications training: written communications. I pitched it to her and she agreed, and we’ll be running parallel and complementary courses beginning April 19th 2016.

Usually, my workshops focus on creative writing

Workshop 2

CODE workshop on writing for the teen/young adult market.

but I do have experience teaching communications at the advanced level and creating content for a variety of clientele. This workshop will draw on that experience.

This is not the first time I’ve thought of this. I have considered and proposed in the past, for instance, that entrepreneurs and staffers alike in Antigua and Barbuda would benefit from a writing course that would empower them to create content to better market their business, product, or services. Internal memos, letters to project partners, company websites and blogs, newsletters, reports, media releases, reports, product descriptions, company profiles, and more are all things I’ve had to either write or edit for clients – some of which they could be empowered to do for themselves. There are still things for which they would need to hire a professional but there is no doubt that, if staff or small business owners, can create their own content it could save them money, long term, and increase their effectiveness.

It’s about building confidence with language, it’s about removing the intimidation factor  by doing and discovering that words are really not that scary.

As with some of my other ideas, it’s a matter of finding the right time to attract a receptive cadre of students – and forward thinking employers and entrepreneurs. Now is the time.
Are you receptive?

Increased confidence and skill expressing yourself using the written word (from organizing your ideas to writing and editing business documents)
A professional, reader-friendly writing style
A skill-set which includes being able to edit your own and others’ business writing
Improved marketability
Heightened value in your business
Increased efficiency re sharing content-communicating ideas

In short you will be learning to communicate more effectively via the written word.

I am thrilled to associate my brand with public speaking consultant Barbara Arrindell of Arrindell and Associates.

The feeling is mutual. Barbara Arrindell: “It is one thing to have a nice looking web site with great content, but it is another to have edited content free of errors. Ms. Hillhouse’s web page editing service transformed my good website  into a professional advertising tool that is easy to read and understand.”

Our goal: effective communication within and without the business setting.

“No matter your profession—whether you’re the CEO or the mail-room clerk—understanding how to write correctly is important, because proper writing demands proper grammar and punctuation. And if you understand how to write, you will inevitably improve your communication (both written and verbal). Having the ability to communicate your ideas and communicate them well is a sure ingredient for success in any field.” – Shala Marks, Back to the Basics

Details: Best of Books, St. Mary’s Street, Antigua. Once a week for four weeks, starting April 19th 2016.  Course fee is EC$150. Limited spots available so register early by submitting registration form for written communication to me and oral communication to Barbara Arrindell & Associates.

registration Pubic speaking
registration Written communication
New Courses Barbara Arrindell & Associates Official Letter


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