AALBC (New) Black Classics List

Recently I blogged about the AABLC’s list of children’s books and now it’s the adults’ turn. I like the idea of this: Our Own List. I did something similar on the Wadadli Pen blog a while back on the subject of Caribbean books – I didn’t have in excess of 3000 respondents though. Cool list. Personal favourites include:

Number 1 The Colour Purple, number two Their Eyes were watching God77212_jpg– though I might have switched the order, number five I know why the Caged Bird sings, Disappearing Acts – number seven – my favourite Mcmillan, number nine Song of Solomon – my favourite Morrison, number ll James Earl Hardy’s 2nd Time Around (though I think I favour B-Boy Blues more – that’s at number 88), number twelve A Raisin in the Sun – we did this in college and by did I mean performed it, number 21 imagesEDP0VLFMWaiting to Exhale, number 24 The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Invisible Life – 25 – though, again, I think I may prefer another in this series, the follow up Just as I am51oZu+AMMYL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_, which is number 28, Possessing the Secret of Joy, number 26, number 32 Breath Eyes Memory (though my favourite Dandicat is Farming of Bones which didn’t make the list), Your Blues Ain’t Like Mineuntitled, number 35, Bebe Moore Campbell, love that one (love her Brothers and Sisters – which is not listed  maybe more …or equal…point is I liked them both), number 37 and 38 Morrison and Morrison Sula and The Bluest Eye, number 41 Roots, Alex Haley, number 53 Maya – Heart of a Woman, number 55 Go tell it on the Mountain untitledw-Baldwin, number 63, The Best of Simple, Langston Hughes, number 94 – In search of our Mother’s Gardens, number 95 Morrison’s Jazz.

What are some of your favourites from AALBC’s Favourite 100 Titles of the 20th Century?

p.s. I was feeling sentimental so I chose the covers I owned – some unfortunately lost, in the move, or to people who don’t return, or to my periodic book donation impulse.


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