After the Awards – a Wadadli Pen Challenge 2016 Picture Post

Another season of the Wadadli Pen Challenge has come and gone. And I have these pictures to remind me how the awards ceremony went since I’m not 100 percent in my body during these activities – too busy making sure everything goes well…which of course it doesn’t…100 percent. Congrats to the winners. I continue to work on plans for solidifying and then expanding the project. Because, hell yeah, Wadadli Pen is here to stay.

Wadadli Pen

You’ve been warned: this is going to be a picture dump. I’ll be sharing memories of the Wadadli Pen 2016 Challenge season in pictures. Consider it a slide show like in those old school view finders and have fun!

p.s. to see the details of who won what and for links to the winning stories, go here.

new plaque To the right is the now retired Challenge plaque; the left is the brand new Challenge plaque. All the names of the winners through the years have been re-located and the plaque has been (re)named the Alstyne Allen Memorial plaque for a past volunteer member of the Wadadli Pen family (and a really good friend) who died in 2015. I’m happy that we could remember her and her contribution to Wadadli Pen – as I really couldn’t have gotten through those early years without her help. The new plaque is sponsored by…

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