Give thanks…

Facebook shout outPeeped this post on the facebook of the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda along with a share of the bibliography of writing by Antiguan and Barbudan writers I’ve compiled and updated for over 10 years now. Crazy. When I started putting this list together I didn’t realize what a writing people we were…Antiguan and Barbudan scribes, you all continue to give me nuff work to do keeping up with you all. Give thanks! And keep the words coming.

This is a link to the lists* –

Antiguan and Barbudan Writing (the parent list)
Antiguan and Barbudan Fiction Writing
Antiguan and Barbudan Non-Fiction Writing
Antiguan and Barbudan Poets
A & B Writings in Journals and Contests

if you’re from Wadadli, an opportunity to catch up on the writing from and about home; if you’re from other-where, an opportunity to read outside of your comfort zone.

And, Museum, thanks for the shout out and especially the list share; (it’s not why I do it but it’s) nice to know that someone notices the effort.

Give thanks.

*these lists refer to material that can be found in book form but there are other lists on the site referencing songwriting, playwriting, etc.



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