BA&A Courses: Another Round

I’m currently wrapping cycle one of my course on written communication (level 1) and preparing to do a second cycle of the level 1 course. This course is offered in association with Barbara Arrindell & Associates which for several months has been conducting evening classes aimed at improving a person’s communication and public speaking skills. Individuals have taken the class to facilitate their own personal growth and development, but also participants have received full or part scholarships from their place of employment.

Employers understand that in today’s competitive environment, employees who fill key roles need to be able to speak and write confidently, and to make presentations with ease. We are sending you this information as you may wish to register for either the oral or written communication course, and/or consider encouraging and investing in your associates so that they can be more successful at their job(s).

The classes run for four weeks (one day per week) and tend to be held from 5:45 – 7:45 in the evenings at the Best of Books on St. Mary’s Street.

Level 1 courses resume on Tuesday 24th May 2016 and run one day per week. The cost for each 4 week session is EC$150.00.

Feel free to contact me if you require more information on or wish to register for the course in written communication, or contact Barbara Arrindell & Associates if you require more information on or wish to register for the course on public speaking. Class sizes will be small so pre-registration is required – registration form(s) available on request.


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