Writing is Your Business – As One Cycle Ends, Another Begins

As you may (or may not) know by now, I will be offering a second cycle of Writing is Your Business – Level 1.

I’ve blogged about the experience of attempting my first writing course for non-writers (specifically professionals, whether employed or entrepreneurs) who want to improve their written communication skills to better function in the workplace.

The targeted number of participants was 10; 9 registered; six finished.  I wanted to share some comments (excerpts only, in threes) from their outgoing evaluation of the course as these may be of interest and benefit to anyone wondering if the course is right for them. So, here we go:


BA&A: Small classes where participants will get the attention they deserve as they work to improve their public speaking and / or writing skills. cost $150. four weeks. starting 24th May.

What motivated you to take this course?

“So I can become a better writer”

“To improve my writing skills (and) communication through writing for clarity”

“To develop my strength in the written language”

You get the idea.

Specific goals…

“Grammar, sentence structuring, confidence in my written word”

“My writing skills (punctuation)”

“better written communication skills especially with how I structure my sentences and grammar usage”

And, once again, you get the idea.

Goals met …

“I think I have improved. I now look at my weak areas when writing”

“I accomplished my goal of learning proper grammar usage and some proper sentence construction”

“All were met”

That’s a good one to end on.

Goals unmet…


“The overall training was good and I’ve learned how to structure my ideas”

“I could still get some more sentence construction”

There’s more but it’s more along the lines of more. Wait.

Other thoughts re the training…

“To plan before starting to write…know your audience”

“The sessions should be at least 6 to 8 weeks”

“English is one of the most difficult languages. Everyone makes mistakes in writing; the aim is to be diligent in revision. I love Ms. Hillhouse’s approach to the lessons”

Moving on, to suggestions…

“Long period. Time was too short.”

“The Length of the course”

“I will suggest more courses like these”

Sensing a theme.

Well, they should be happy to know that a Level 2 is in development and they will be the first target group. Yes, if you’re looking more for a refresher than a beginner course, level 2 might be for you. Still working out the details. But feeling amped that there’s definite interest, excitement even, about the course.

“Overall it was a productive course; I have learned a lot”

“It was worth the sacrifice. You spend the time and nothing was ever a bother. More time is needed in the future.”

“I am feeling excited about writing now. I am also more aware of common mistakes…writing is fun and I could see it as a hobby in future”

That last one makes me particularly happy because writing is much more than functional for me…and though it’s far from a hobby, glad to see that in a group there to better tap in to its functional purpose, at least one left feeling inspired to explore it further.

If you’re feeling inspired to register for the next cycle of Writing is Your Business – Level 1 (or think your company should be investing in this area of staff development), Contact me for a registration form.

Remember this course is being offered under the umbrella of Barbara Arrindell & Associates. Ms. Arrindell offers the brand’s Public Speaking Course – already a hit, and advanced to offering not just one but two levels. Contact her for a Public Speaking registration form.


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