38: our Meet-Cute

meet cuteI wanted to do more with the cracks but by the time I finished editing this down to 300 words, playtime was over. But such as it is, have a read of my latest response to a Random Michelle Photo Fiction Challenge.

The bullet hole is tattooed over the scar covering the left side of her chest. Anyone who sees its cracked lines up close, usually, sees their death. Don’t cry for them. She doesn’t go looking for trouble.

Being a factionless mutant in such times is dangerous. The scar on her chest is evidence that that danger’d nearly ended her. Few could survive a bullet through the heart. Self-healing is a part of her mutation but there was only so much her body could do against a bullet. It spit it out and a lot of her blood with it. It was after that that her skin took on its strange bluish-green tint, due to anemia; that light had unleashed another aspect of her mutation, a protective heat as deadly as radiation.

The night I met her I was bedded down in an alley with nothing but newspaper for cover. It had President Blowhard’s orange face on it. His mutation was a karizma that hypnotized many. Not me. I had resistance. I planned to wipe my ass with his face when I did my business in the morning.

I recognized her right away; her aura was bright like she was fresh from a fight. But she was shivering – it was her curse that the heat she emitted only made her colder. She stopped when she saw the alley was already occupied.

I didn’t see death. I saw a girl alone and drained of everything. I raised myself up slightly, silently offering her the questionable warmth of my newspaper blanket and the heat from my many days unwashed body. She looked at me for the longest while, aura wavering. My mouth dried. Then her light abruptly dimmed and she all but fell in to me.

We’ve been together ever since.



8 thoughts on “38: our Meet-Cute

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    Over at my other blog, I sometimes post my responses to writing prompts. It’s a good way to flex your writing muscles (that’s how you build them). There are writing prompts on this site; just use the search feature to the right. Or come on over to jhohadli or RandomMichelle and join in the fun there. Either way, stay writing, express yourself and have fun with it.

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  3. So in light of the fact that the word limit hindered the length of the story, there shall be a part two etc. Right? I love this, I want to know more. Who is he? Does everyone have powers? How come they have powers? What started this? Do we all hate the President? What are the factions? How does this new system work?… Ok Imma stop nerding out in your comments now, even though there are soo many more questions to ask.

    • No plans to write more, no plans not to. Will see. Don’t know more about him yet. I don’t think everyone has powers but enough people do that they’re simply classified as another race – hell, one of them is president right and his “karizma” fairly well known though perhaps people didn’t anticipate that it would put them in his thrall turning a democracy into a dictatorship (what? what allusions? 🙂 ). From what insight the story has provided me so far, you are born with your mutation and it can remain latent throughout life or reveal itself right away or something can trigger it or…mutate it..at some point as happened with her. There are passive and reactive and aggressive mutations…like his resistance to karizma is a form of mutation…I think he might have a low grade form of it (karizma) as well because she’s had to fight all her life and doesn’t trust anyone, and she trusted him enough to accept his offer of comfort when she needed it… something makes her special with a capital T target on her back…what?…the nature of her mutation? something else? don’t know… why is it a dangerous time for mutants? something to do with President Blowhard? inquiring minds…I think the prez has become a dictator and only his sychophants don’t hate him…but then maybe I’m projecting…the factions (not the word I would have liked to use for that as it’s taken) but then the idea of “factions” is kind of borrowed as well from the various X-men families/alliances …not fully thought out…none of this is…when I’m doing the prompts I generally just try to sink into the world of the story and let it fill itself in…had to do more editing for length on this than any of the other ones…had close to 100 words I had to cut…but as I cut them (as is often the case with editing) the details of the world became sharper for me…more details would colour themselves in if I explored a bit more (how does the system work? don’t know)… but don’t know if I will…but hmmm maybe a possibility for a collabo with an artist as a potential graphic novel …but time is…n’t… I actually like the challenge of the 300 words…and these are there for expansion if ever I feel stumped. So thanks RandomMichelle 🙂 for the random prompts.

      • Oh the title “our meet-cute” suggests two things about him to me (re your who is he) …that he is both her chronicler (which may mean she’s not around to tell her own story, or maybe she’s just not much for the record keeping) and her love interest (the meet-cute being a time honoured feature of the romantic story…although with the scifi fantasy elements, it’s clearly a hybrid romance/other things). I love the nerding out; I realize with these prompts that a long time lover of fantasy, I am taking tentative steps in to writing fantasy. Baby steps. 300 words at a time 🙂

      • Oh please do. There was an idea once upon a time that we do a sci-fi/mutant anthology based in a future distopian Antigua. Idk what happened to it, I think I actually have the beginnings of that on a flash drive somewhere. But this work, this framework, this whole concept based on your story is soo epically awesome. Thanks for participating and inspiring. Eeeeppp

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