June Sessions: Writing is Your Business

“I think I have improved. I now look at my weak areas when writing.”

“The overall training was good and I’ve learned how to structure my ideas.”

“English is one of the most difficult languages. Everyone makes mistakes in writing; the aim is to be diligent in revision. I love Ms. Hillhouse’s approach to the lessons.”

“Overall it was a productive course; I have learned a lot.”

These comments were lifted from the blind evaluation sheets submitted by participants in Cycle 1 Level 1 of my written communication course, Writing is Your Business.

Cycle 2 (the re-boot) will start June 7th (level 1) and June 9th (level 2) – one evening each week for four weeks.

The cost: EC$150 for the entire four weeks.

The location: the Best of Books, St. Mary’s Street, Antigua.

The participants: That’s you – if you’re an adult employee or entrepreneur interested in professional development.

The partner: Barbara Arrindell & Associates (which offers parallel courses in public speaking)

The goal: confident and effective written communication.

You can sponsor a staff member.

Invest in yourself.

Pass this on to someone you think could benefit from this course.

If you have questions or wish to register, contact me.

Registration forms here:
registration Written communication level 2
registration-written-communication level 1


Joanne C. Hillhouse

Author, Freelance Writer & Editor, Writing Coach andWorkshop Facilitator, Developer and instructor of Writing is Your Business

p.s. I still/also offer creative writing classes and coaching and recently offered my first creative writing workshop for children; contact me know if you want to be added to the mailing list for future offerings.

One thought on “June Sessions: Writing is Your Business

  1. Good morning. I would like to invite you write a few congratulatory lines to The Caribbean Writer on the occasion of its thirtiieth anniversary. I hope all is well. Looking forward to you joining us to do a writing workshops and school visits next year. Take care.

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