What’s happening here?

GuyanaGlad you asked.

This image is from earlier this year in Guyana. Nine writer-editors from the Caribbean were selected for a week-long intensive editing workshop geared at our professional development, sure, but also shoring up the availability of this skill-set (editing) in the Caribbean. Organized by CaribLit and sponsored by Commonwealth Writers, its larger purpose was continuing to build the literary culture and publishing infrastructure in the Caribbean. As I prepare to provide an estimate for what could potential be my latest book editing assignment, I appreciate the experience even more.

In this picture, we’d been grouped into teams, our mission to review three manuscripts and determine which one we would acquire for publication if such a decision were in our hands. To do so we had to consider the strength of the writing and readiness of the manuscript, yes, but also factors like marketability using certain markers. And then defend or justify our choice before the larger group. I enjoyed my group: Richard Georges of the BVI and Kim Dismont Robinson of Bermuda. It was a stimulating challenge, but a challenge nonetheless and an ironic one for any of us writers who’ve ever wondered how could they pass on that book. There are so many things to consider and even then no certainty. It was a good learning exercise one that will serve both me and my clients well.

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