Prompt Response: Original Sin

I have to admit that I chickened out on posting this prompt response some time ago but that didn’t sit well with me (and the way I approach this writing thing). So, I’m posting and will only add the disclaimer that no Biblical characters were hurt in the writing of this. It’s me wandering down the creative garden path, that’s all.

Here’s the image (blame prompt-giver RandomMichelle):


Now, children, the Forbidden Fruit? That’s your first lesson in literary symbolism. You really believe all of this was about an apple?
What do man and man, gods and man, woman and woman, woman and man fight about more than anything?
That’s right, infidelities.
Check the stats.
She cheated.
Well, to be fair to her. She didn’t choose him. She was given to him, the first arranged marriage; and given that he’d given up a part of himself to seal the deal, he was even more insufferably possessive than your typical man.
Like any woman with spirit, she rebelled.
The Serpent wasn’t in the tree. Serpent – symbolism, again.
The Serpent was the tree.
You doubt the Garden had all manner of fantastical things?
You think Tolkein invented the idea of talking, walking trees. He might have invented Middle Earth but Big Daddy invented all Earth. Who do you think was more creative?
This tree was a specimen, too. Nice buns.
And unlike her husband who thought he didn’t have to work for her affection, this man was a regular Romeo, wooing until she couldn’t help herself.
She might’ve been the first but she wasn’t the last woman to do that. Don’t judge.
And so there you have them, both of them in flagrante delicto. She losing herself in him. Seem women can’t ever escape that curse.
And instead of fighting for his woman, he go complaining and get the two of them handed their walking papers, destined to walk and walk and walk until they forget.
Forget what?
Haven’t you been listening, that woman owning her body and her choices was the real original sin.



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