About those Summer Reading Lists

My summer reading isn’t much different from my rest of year reading – plus my current reading stash (and current reading pace) being what it is, I probably won’t be buying any new books just now…but that to-read list sure keeps growing. #readinggoals

That said, in case you’re in the market for hours of uninterrupted summer reading, I’ve got you. To the lists!

ANOTHER UPDATE! Naomi Jackson’s reading list on the American Scholar – which includes books by two Antiguans and Barbudans (Jamaica Kincaid, Lucy; and Joanne C. Hillhouse Oh Gad!) – focusses on displacement and exile. And, okay, that sounds heavy but these books – Marlon James’ History of Seven Killings, Chimamandah Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah among the ones already on my reading list – will still be light enough to carry in your beach bag, I think.

UPDATED! Met with Hansib, the publisher of the second edition of my first book The Boy from Willow Bend and got my hands on a copy of their summer 2016 catalogue, flipping through….

Those books they’re known for are the complete hard cover tour through most of the countries along our island chain…those are there.

And, ah, the Art of Mali Olatunji: Painterly Photography from Antigua and Barbuda (I not too long ago read this; it’s good for those with an interest in art and philosophy and how those things intersect, and for those with a specific interest in art photography.

There are…a fair amount of histories including personal histories…but, yeah, this one, Dorbrene O’Marde’s Nobody Go Run Me: the Life and Times of Sir McClean Emanuel became the first Antiguan and Barbudan book longlisted for the Bocas prize…I personally loved it and not just because Short Shirt is my favourite calypsonian …if you liked a book like Kwame Dawes’ Bob Marley: Lyrical Genius for the insight to the lyrics, for the appreciation of Caribbean oral poetry, you’ll like this.

Ha…this one sounds like a good summer read Katherine Bing’s Singleholic – a book about a woman fed up with being single who gives herself a year to find love…with the help of her friend…sounds like a good set up for light-hearted hilarity.


From Blavity: 22 Books by Black Authors to Add to Your Beach Bag This Summer

Ooh this list reminds me to add Charles Blow’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones to my to-read list – Been a fan since I discovered his writing and commentary after Trayvon Martin’s death when he became, to my awareness, one of the voices of our time.

Hmmm, almost scrolled past this one – Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness – I think I’ll add it to the to-read list, just to help me understand better the issues impacting transpeople (tbh I’d rather learn from her than Caetyln).

Citizen by Claudia Rankine is already on my to-read list – the bits of pieces of this commentary in verse on blackness in America that I’ve read so far have really resonated with me. Plus she’s from the Caribbean so, hello.

Til the Well runs Dry by Lauren Francis-Sharma – been reading this one on and off for a while; I like the writing and the main female character is intriguing and the book would probably be moving faster if I had more unbroken reading time. The summary said it’s based in Trinidad and America…I’m still in Trinidad.

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson is also already on my to-read list…as is Roxanne Gay’s Untamed State (love her boldness)…and (aaargh) forever and a day Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (uh the movie’ll be out before I finally get to it… and, yes, please, Hollywood, make that movie with Lupita Nyongo happen…love them both).

I don’t usually buy this type of book but I loved the website Vintage Black Glamour – I’d check out the book….and by check out, I hope I don’t mean standing in the bookstore and flipping through the pictures.

Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith…hmmm…I never could say no to a good thriller.


African Book Addict, meanwhile, has a list that includes titles from the Caribbean, America, and the Motherland (Africa)

As I’ve read entirely too little African books (Tsitsi Dangaremba’s Nervous Conditions, Chimamanda’s The Thing Around her Neck, Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, and Miriam Makeba: My Story being among the ones I would recommend), I was glad to be introduced to the choices on this fresh list.

What do you think? Maybe So the Path does not Die by Pede Hollist ot Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John to start?

This list also has Naomi Jackson’s Barbados-based Star Side of Bird Hill which is already on my to-read list. I believe Naomi and I first ‘spoke’ when she tweeted about my book Oh Gad! (see what she said here) …that’s when I learned that she had Antiguan roots …and I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about Star Side, plus the cover is by Sheena Roe, a Bajan artiste whose work pushes boundaries (glad I had the opportunity to interview her years ago as she continues to blow up).


Travel and Leisure has a Celeb’s Reading List

Wanna check it out and see if celeb’s read like me and you?

I’m not a huge Kate Hudson fan (understatement) but I may need to revisit that as she’s beat me to bell hooks’ All about Love which I really need to get on, I think. Another feminist icon Gloria Steinem is catching my eye (loved the documentary on her life in the movement but maybe it’s time I read about it..) – the book My Life on the Road, the reader Emma Watson.

Kat Denning’s pick Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is already on my to-read list.


I’ll add one more list…my own, of books by Antiguan and Barbudan authors that I recommend for your summer reading

The picture be low is not about the lists…but it is about books and reading …so *places picture here*

Happy Reading! finished-book





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