Just a short note…

That the second cycle, level 2, of my Writing is Your Business course has ended – I’m actually now on to a workshop on the literary arts with teachers participating in a professional development Summer Institute (but more on that in a later blog post).

In the last session of my WYB, a course I offer under the banner of Barbara Arrindell and Associates, my student (yes, only one student this time making for an intensive coaching-style, one-on-one, flexible, adaptive sort of experience) had to present her final project. Over four weeks, I’d been laying the foundation through instruction and practice for her to take on the challenge of presenting three different types of writing, three different audiences, three different platforms, three different purposes, but the same message – and, yes, directly connected to her professional life. You may remember I said she was the holdover from the first level of my course who wanted to do the course though she had little use for writing in her work and her daily life, simply because she wanted to get better.  I think of her as an example of the preparation part of that model of luck in which it is the sum of preparation meeting opportunity. I believe she will have opportunity to put what she’s learned to practice. And practice is what I have reminded her she needs to keep doing. Her presentation in our final session proves that she is an amazingly adept student – responsive to instruction and able to apply what she’s learned. I guided her through ways to improve her written submissions but I must say that she did remarkably well for a starter.

In her evaluation of the course she wrote that she came “to learn to write emails or just to learn how to write better (business letters, emails, etc.)” and she affirmed that her goals had been accomplished and that she would recommend the course to others intent on learning to write better. “The Course was very informative,” she said.

Final  verdict: clearly the numbers could have been better, especially considering that level one was almost fully subscribed; but in terms of the work we put in, I’m happy with the result and hope to offer more of these courses in the future.

Though maybe another creative writing course or workshop first; it’s been a while since I did one of those. What do you say? As the market demands…

I continue to build.


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