New Moko, Game Changer

The latest issue of Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters is, as usual, a cover to cover read. Kudos to the editors. High quality content and clean layout has made Moko a must-read for me as far as online (or offline) Caribbean literary journals go. I usually end up clicking through everything in the intended order: art to poetry to fiction to non-fiction.


My favourites this issue in an order of my own selective making (most enjoyed down) are:

“An Exercise in Empathy”: An Interview with Diana McCaulay (interview)

Angels on the Southside by JR Mahung (poetry)

Poems by E O Kean

Poems by Shara McCallum

The Panchayat by Motilal Boodoosingh (fiction)

“From Many Sides” and “Ernestine and Me” by Olivia McGilchrist (visual art)

For Stepha by Racquel Henry (poetry)

“Navigating Caribbean Visual Language Through Digital Art Mediums” by Natalie McGuire (non-fiction)

Go Hide Your Joy, Boy by Celia Sorhaindo (poetry)

Timothy by Kirk Budhooram (fiction)

Juggling by Leesa Fenderson (non-fiction)

Poems by Kay Bell

Review of Nicholas Laughlin’s “The Strange Years of My Life” by Yaniré S. Díaz Rodríguez (non-fiction)

Sparrow come back by Jeffrey Dunn (poetry)

My story Game Changer can also be found in the issue.  It’s my second time being published with them; first time was my brief poem Children Melee and in Issue 7’s special issue in which one writer recommends another, I recommended Brenda Lee Browne

Check out all of Moko issue 9; you won’t regret it. Swing back by and let me know what you think of Game Changer.

For more of my journalled or anthologized stories, check here, AND pick up a copy of Dancing Nude in the Moonlight 10th Anniversary Edition and other Writings.


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