Supernatural plot points that I reject as a fan

(oh, put down your torches; this is…mostly…tongue in cheek)

That Dean when he had limited time to live and again when he was given a new lease on life went not to the love of his life (Cassie) but to the bendy chick (his words not mine; sorry, Lisa) with whom he’d had a one-night-weekend. Where’s Cassie, Dean?!

That John Winchester had another kid. Nope. Never happened. Adam, I’m not even sorry; buh-bye.

That Bobby is a substitute dad for the boys. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bobby, though I’m in the minority that feels he overstayed his welcome (he didn’t have to die, just go take a nap or something). But the Bobby as daddy-substitute is revisionism (or fanfiction fantasies, as much as Ellen as a mommy substitute) given the well-established, albeit unhealthy, dynamic between Big Daddy Winchester and his boys.

That new Ruby and new Meg were better than the OG actresses.

That when the boys needed a psychic they didn’t have Missouri Mosely on speed dial but instead rung up new girl. I mean Pamela was a cool character but how about using the resources you already have, boys.

That this isn’t the best burn ever. Dean you’re my favourite forever and ever but #BURN.

That whole Dean as a demon nightmare. Thank God that’s over.

That the magic of the first five seasons when they were helping people hunting things is well and truly gone. It was such a simpler time. No king of hell. No angels. No Rowena. Please, no more Rowena.

That all my favourites are gone. Victor Hendrickson was a great antagonist and could’ve been a great ally. He died so young…and though Rufus was considerably older, he died too soon. Supernatural, what do you have against melanin…or life.

That 10 plus seasons in, our boys keep making the same mistake; communicate, boys, communicate. Oh who am I kidding, that ship sailed with big Daddy Winchester. See you next season on The Walking Dead, Big Daddy Winchester (because that’s how I’ll always remember you).

In all seriousness, I haven’t watched Supernatural regularly in a while, though I check in now and then, but as an OG fan I have thoughts…and a blog.


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