What have I accomplished?

A friend and I were discussing this recently
Are we ever having a mid life crisis lol

I’ve been thinking though that in this main event (this is not the dress rehearsal, people!) that is life, what have I accomplished may be the wrong question.

I realize at this time that all the physical stuff even health can come and go
…but what lingers is…
The memories I’ve made (yes, even the ones tinged by loss)
The adventures I’ve had
The genuine (emphasis on genuine) connections along the way…the ones that surprise and delight…and make it safe to be yourfullself…
The young people including nieces and nephews whose lives I’ve been blessed to be a part of
The act of creating including the creating (and ongoing survival and growth) of Wadadli Pen
The fact that I am out here freelancing, finding my own rhythm (even when I’m fussing about it…even when I’m short of money and …even though I had a moment of wtf when I realized just how long I’ve been obstinately claiming this against the odds existence…even when I’m tired and want to go to sleep)…that there’s music…
The ways I continue to learn…the things I had to figure out how to do…and could then add to my skill set… (way too many times to count)…

The stories…the ones I read…the ones I write…the ones I’m yet to discover…happiness is the pen flying across the page, my fingers flying across the keys, cramping but urgent…mind skipping along like a child at play…unhinged…from the ways life tries to anchor it…

That I am a writer jamaicajoanne-2015-at-v-i-lit-fest(wait, let me put that in bold and type it again in all caps…the little gyal from Ottos, Antigua is a living, breathing, working WRITER…stamped in her passport…which has stamps of all the places writing has taken her…still with her head buried in a book or her eyes turned inward toward the stories in her head…taking in life, recording it for later)

Sunsets, san’flies, semi-warm pizza, semi-cold beer, friendship, someone who gets you…happy moments are made of moments like this… long drives and endless conversation…the magic in the mundane moments…the flights of fancy and actual flights…the memories that linger after the life is gone…and the pen to capture it all with…


Could I life better?…for sure, for sure …as I told a friend recently, I need to work on sharpening my learning curve …but even if it all goes fubar after I write this (side-eyeing Murphy)…everything is everything… choosing the uncut path has never been easy…but along the way, there’s been writing, journeying, adventuring, laughs and relationships (mixed in with the disappointments and losses…and oh the stresses!)…all part of life-ing.


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