Writing is work…editing is necessary

‘In June 2016 I finished a complete rewrite. I revisited that 9 page final critique and confirmed I had addressed all the points. And I did so to the best of my ability. I say this because I had no more added value to contribute, losing objectivity and certainly a perspective on its development. I needed an objective someone who could add value. I turned to the last sentence on the last page of my last critique, “…but it has plenty of potential…with some developmental editing and polishing, I think it will really shine,” confirmed my belief. I was ready for the next step – developmental edit, the added value.’

I found the Nancy Chadwick-Burke article at shewrites.com, quoted above, an interesting read for its insights to the drafting, redrafting, redrafting, and redrafting again process as you try to get to the story…and then after all of that, the editing. No I’m not sharing it just to promote my editing services, though now that you mention it. But I really enjoyed reading this article because much as we like to think of writing as pure inspiration, it is in the words of Rihanna workworkworkworkwork have a read as Chadwick-Burke peels back the curtain on the process.


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