My real time reactions while watching episode one of Luke Cage

*spoilers probably*though this will make more sense if you’ve seen the episode anyway*




==not a review==just random thoughts that popped in to my head as I watched the premiere episode of the much talked about series==

Why did nobody tell me Alfre Woodard was in Luke Cage? People, you need to tell me these things. I mean, I like my comic superheroes so I would have watched anyway but also love me some Alfre – she elevates anything she’s a part of.alfre-woodard-mariah-dillard-luke-cage-banner

“Phil Jackson over rated, anybody can win with Jordan and Kobe” …I like this show… “Phil Jackson ain’t no Pat Riley” … I like this show.

Loving this barbershop scene…the humour and the realness of it…liking this show so far.

“Hey, Luke, what time you get off…black man working, ain’t nothing wrong with that.” Props for adding a female character who knows what she wants and isn’t too shy or too proud to reach to the top shelf and grab it. #flirtinggoals

I like this guy…he’s got demons but he’s working hard and looking forward. Why do I think he won’t be able to hide from his abilities (bulletproof, superstrength) for too long?

Is it in Raphael Saadiq’s contract that they’ve got to drop his name at least three times or something? I mean, I like his music…but we get it…that’s Raphael Saadiq and his music is dope.

Not riveted by this deal making…something something…something shady’s going on and Alfre is not pleased.

So about that flirtation at the bar …okay, this Luke guy has charisma and charm (note to self: google the actor).untitled

“I don’t like being up there by myself” – waitress to Luke – love how they work in social issues like sexual harassment.

Why am I remembering that blind dude at the magazine/news stand said he smells like bleach during the sex scene with the girl from the bar?

So, she’s what…a cop?

Okay, couple of things…I interpreted him throwing away the phone number of the woman at the barbershop as him being on a sexual and relationship fast…I was wrong…because he went hard on the girl from the bar…and he wasn’t just after a one night stand either, flip the script, he was the one trying to get the digits (the whole can I see you again thing) and she was the one being coy (I know where to find you)…interesting… also, yeah, sure she’s an …auditor.

Always amused when they cut from people falling in to bed and grinding on each other, fade to black, lovers waking up…but still wearing the briefs you had on before the fade…did you fade to sleep or did sex happen and if sex happened why’re you still dressed… well, they can’t all have Game of Thrones level sex and nudity realness I guess.

Visually, I love the colour palette…I don’t have the film language to dissect it but it works.

Yep, a cop.

Why’s this guy giving me Tom Cruise in Cocktail vibes? Must be the shades…because he is no Tom Cruise.

“For black lives to matter, black history and black ownership must also matter” – I see what you did there.

Stole a bunch of money, bad guy you stole from looking for you? By all means go to the strip club and throw money around. Smh.

The beating…groan…there’s a reason I don’t watch boxing.

Bad guy throws punch…and…damn, son…I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready

“I’m not for hire, but you’ve got my word, ma’am, I’ve got you” Pulls up hoodie, like a boss. #RIPTrayvonMartin

by Joanne C. Hillhouse who’s pretty sure she’ll be checking out episode two. Search the site for thoughts on other TV shows – like Underground, Supernatural, and the Walking Dead.


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