…and sometimes I dance

It’s been a kick back, music up, singing along, soaking it up, and sometimes I dance kind of Saturday night. Thought I’d share some of the music with you.

And yes, I’ve seen her live and she’s just as dope.

My girls forever. Rest in Power, Left Eye.

Two of my Queens – Mary J and L-Boogie (another one I’ve been fortunate to experience live).

I mostly like this for Kim’s verse: “what the bloodclaat! Wanna bumble with the Bee, huh?!…” I’m hard as hell when that verse is playing, lol.

Still sick. Eve drops fire. Saw her live once too… still like her in spite of that.

“Ladies night! …you all wanna be us!” My faves on this were Left Eye and Brat but the whole jam is hot.

And since we’re on epic hip hop ladies jams. This, everything.

Love all things Janet…also Pink needs to dance more; she killed that chair routine from one of my fav Janet songs, Miss You Much.

For someone who still insists she’s not particularly a Destiny’s Child fan, I like a surprising number of their songs. This is one of my favourites…fav performance on it, surprisingly, Kelly.

Everyone who’s ever heard me say Beyoncé’s music doesn’t really make me feel anything has my permission to point and laugh at all this Lemonade I’m drinking.

I was going to end this dance party on Formation, but I wouldn’t be no kinda islandgyal if I didn’t drop in one for/from the Caribbean. Come in, RiRi… work, work, work, work… while me wine, wine, wine, wine…


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