We could use a little Grace (New Book!)


Isn’t she pretty? She’s got a big heart too.

I am thrilled to debut my first faerie tale. Fairytales being among my and virtually every child’s introduction to literature, I am thrilled that this could be the first book many children will read. Yes, I said many; I’m speaking it in to existence. Give thanks for God, the support and encouragement of family and friends, the negative encounter that turned in to a positive story, my niece and every request when she was younger to “read it again, Auntie Joanne” (usually Rapunzel), the Cushion Club kids who while I volunteered my time reading to them helped me rediscover the unabashed delight to be found in the simple and not so simple stories of childhood, the young people in my first Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project summer camp who provided invaluable feedback when this story was still very rough, Mario Picayo for seeing right away what I was trying to do, the Desi Writers Lounge which gave this story an honourable mention in its international competition, and every Anansi story, jumbie story, and folk-parable handed down to me growing up, reminding me that though we were inundated with literature from outside, our Caribbean reality can feed our imagination too, even in the realm of magic and faeries.

#WithGrace = decency, good heartedness, courteousness = what the world needs more of.

Help me get #WithGrace in to the hand of every reader, young and young at heart, by sharing this post, buying the book, reviewing it online, and telling your circle about it. As I always say, let’s ripple the water. We need more diverse books in our world. Right? Right.

I’m adding you to that thank you list above in advance.

Launch details coming soon, but I think it’s safe to say you can put this one on your Christmas shopping list.

With Grace – Reviews

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