With Grace: the Interview


I got mine!: A lighter moment from the With Grace launch, held December 21st 2016 at the Best of Books.

My publisher just posted an interview they did with me about the book (i.e. new picture book and fairytale, With Grace).Thought I’d share some highlights.

Like what I had to say about what inspired the book…

“While the circumstances in the story are fictional, With Grace came out of my desire to purge those feelings. I’m really happy that a character so full of grace emerged, like sunshine chasing out the negativity.”

And why a fairytale…

“I enjoy experimentation, and something about taking this negative and working through it in a genre where typically good and bad are clear, and they all lived happily ever after, appealed.”

How I feel about the illustrator’s art work…

“I love how Cherise (Harris) re-imagined the world of the story – I especially love how she captured the main characters and how colourfully she rendered the world.”

To sequel or not to sequel…

“I have a bad habit of being done with stories when I’m done with them.”

One takeaway…

“You can turn a negative in to a positive, in life and on the page.”

A Wadadli Pen plug (come on, you knew it was coming!)…

“And it’s an example, though not planned as such, of one of the core principles of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize (the program I run to nurture and showcase the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda, which in its annual writing Challenge insists that entries have a Caribbean aesthetic) that our culture can feed our creative imagination – that stories, even fairytales, don’t just come from out there, but within our world, within us.”

How feedback from the group of teens and pre-teens participating in my Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project 2013 helped make the story better…

“I snuck it in among the other pieces I was having them critique that summer without telling them who the author was…and then I took notes.”

Read the full interview on the publisher’s website.


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