Top 10 Jhohadli Posts of 2016

If you’re blogging, you’re always analyzing to see what’s hitting and what isn’t. I thought I’d end 2016 with a post on the top posts on this blog of the past year. In case you missed it (or liked it so much you want to share).

Top posts were determined based on views (how many people clicked on a post) + engagement (how many liked and/or commented on the same post), and shares (how many shared that post). Based on that, the top 10 posts from most to least popular this year are (yeah, there were some surprises in there for me too):


Michonne and Rick kiss.

To my friends who think this is just a zombie show… (warning TWD *spoilers* up to and including S6 Ep10)

Note: my feelings about Season 7 of The Walking Dead are mixed at best, but there’s no denying I was euphoric at this Season 6 moment.



Barbara Jenkins.

The Short of It – Part 3 (Barbara Jenkins)

Note: This one, part of a series I did on female Caribbean short fiction writers, actually had a lot more facebook shares, a lot more, but the zombies had more views and engagement, including re-blogs in addition to a fair number of facebook shares; so, close call.


Barbara Arrindell

Barbara Arrindell.

The Short of it – The End (Antigua and Barbuda with a spotlight on Barbara Arrindell)

Note: One reader commented, “Thanks for this series, Joanne. Excited and inspired to read all these women’s work, but especially Barbara’s ‘A life, a spirit…a name’ and ‘How snake stories became Anansi stories’. Legend if That’s Cave and Other Stories was intriguing and got me thinking about OURstory in a completely new way.”



Student Exchange re ‘Amelia at Devil’s Bridge’

Note: ‘Amelia at Devil’s Bridge’ has become one of my most-travelled stories having been taught at Belize U. and at La Guardia College where the person who reached out to me with the questions that inspired this post was a student. More recently, I was approached and agreed to it being excerpted in an upcoming CSEC revision book.



Me participating, alongside other Caribbean writers, in a CaribLit editing workshop in Guyana, 2016.

Back from Guyana

Note: While 2016 was a Drumpfsterfire in many ways, this fiction editing workshop was one of the reasons January 2016 wasn’t half bad – other reasons include my Essence and Writers’ Digest bylines.



Bazodee*with spoilers* be aware*

Note: I have been getting more and more into reviewing films and TV shows. This Caribbean/Indian movie generated a lot of social media chatter; I got in my five cents worth.


Sharon Leach

Sharon Leach.

The Short of it – Part 1 (Sharon Leach)

Note: The image above is from Sharon’s reading during the 2014 PEN World Voices Festival’s Literary Safari. She was one of three Caribbean writers who participated in the literary safari. Barbara Jenkins and I were the other two and we hit it off and had a great time together.


feedback BIM workshop

Not a picture…a participant review of a workshop I co-facilitated with American author Bernice McFadden at the BIM Lit Fest.

BIM Lit Fest in Pictures

Note: I was nervous about that workshop, too, having never met Bernice and having never done a joint session with another facilitator. We talked a bit in advance via email deciding on a common theme but opting to each take our own approach to it. In the end, with very little coordination, our approaches blended well and I made a new writer-friend.



Met Shakirah (Shakirah) on my trip to BIM – that’s Shakirah Bourne, playwright, short story writer, and screenwriter/filmmaker extraordinaire.

The Short of It – Part 2 (Shakirah Bourne)

Note: Glad we got the chance to meet. Mad I didn’t make the time to check out her play which was running during my visit to the country. But the BIM fest was such a whirlwind, you know.


Course flyer

New venture.

New Venture – Writing is Your Business

Note: The first wave of this course went well and received positive reviews from participants. It’s opened the door to another area of skill sharing. Respect to B A & A.


Well, that’s the top 10 but here’s a BONUS – the 11th most popular post on the blog!



We could use a little Grace (New Book!)

Note: This is my new children’s picture book and fairytale. Following its December 2016 launch, you should be able to find it in your local bookstores (ask for it and, if they don’t carry it, recommend they order it; or buy online).


That’s it, what you chose to read, engage with, and share most from the blog in 2016.

-I’m Joanne C. Hillhouse, an author and freelancer from Ottos, Antigua. This space was set up initially to promote my writing and my services but clearly it’s evolved in to a space where I share a lot more. Thanks for reading. And I will try to learn from what you engaged with and blog better.




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