People are reading…

people-are-reading-dawnThanks for sharing, Dawn.

Do you have a picture of you and your little one reading With Grace? Would you like to share it? Send to jhohadli at gmail dot com if you don’t mind me sharing. – signed thankful writer

p.s. Don’t forget to post a reader review

p.p.s. Thanks to the sites who’ve been sharing information on my new children’s picture book, Caribbean fairytale.

Antigua Chronicle
African American Literature Book Club & here
Repeating Islands
Writers and Authors

Also radio programme Youthology on Observer Radio & Good Morning Antigua Barbuda on ABS TV for hosting me

Also, if you post vid of your child singing the song in the book, tag me at

With Grace is available online; also ask for it at your local bookstore wherever books are sold (if they don’t have it; encourage them to get it). Here’s a link to With Grace Reviews and First Page; and a link to all my Books.


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  2. Reblogged this on jhohadli and commented:

    If you’re somewhere else (other than Antigua where we did the local launch of With Grace this past December), you’ll be happy to know that you can now by With Grace, my new picture book, a Caribbean fairytale online. Here’s a link

    Will you and your child be reading? If you do, don’t forget to post a reader review so that other potential readers can know what you think.

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