Reviews – With Grace

Readers who take the time to post a book review via whatever social media they use, make a world of difference by helping especially little known authors, authors trying to break through, authors without the name/status/backing to attract big media and big reviewer attention, ripple the waters. By letting others in your social media circle and beyond (if you post reviews on amazon, goodreads, and literary community spaces) know if you liked a book and, if so, what you liked about it, you can potentially get another reader interested and on like that. Also, while every author knows there’s no guarantee of a positive review, it’s often interesting to read how people react and what they react to, and why, in something you’ve written. And by interesting I mean nerve-wracking, but also exciting and potentially affirming.  These are some of the reasons I take the time to post about books I’ve read or books I’m currently reading, plus I just like talking books.

With With Grace, my Caribbean fairytale, my most heartwarming reactions have been the relayed reactions of the children and the reactions of the children in us all.

So far, the faerie is a favourite among the little ones.

Respect to all the readers and thanks especially to the readers who help more people become aware of the books by taking the time to pass it on. Click the link to see what they’ve been saying —> Reviews – With Grace


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