I’ve re-ordered the ‘media’ page for, hopefully, easier sourcing of information. I cycle in and out of floods of student requests for information (February and November are peak periods here in Antigua, though March has been epic this year as well). And while I am grateful that my books are being read and studied, responding to each individual request for information is not practical or possible. This year especially so. Also, not everyone comes right or respects boundaries.

I cannot lay my bedgrass bare – some information is personal – and I only ever wanted to talk through my books, but this is my home on the web, pull from this space what you can. That means, students, you have to dig around and do the research (hitting up the author on social media is not doing the research). I have tried to better preview the links on the media page and there is a search tool to your right, as well.

I do want to try to help how I can, which is why I’ve taken the time to clean up the media page and improve the links. Because, in light of the recent tide and the tone of some of the approaches, I have had to adopt a policy of no longer responding to individual student information requests. That’s how it has to be right now.

I do remain grateful for any interest in my work and I will continue to put my energies in to producing better and more work.

Go here for those media links.


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