Little Prissy Palmer by Joanne C. Hillhouse

One of mine.

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Arushi Gupta Illustration by Arushi Gupta

Her father, Denfield Palmer, was to blame for her name. A fine sportsman, he approached football with precision and was a star with the village-side. He wasn’t too literate though. That’s what came of scudding school religiously for the football field. Maybe he’d heard someone refer to another girl as prissy and taken it to mean pretty. Long and short of it, while her mother was still out of it, he gave his preferred name for the birth certificate and turned his child into a pappyshow.

Red, that’s what they called the girl’s mother, a white woman, didn’t fuss; didn’t have as firm a hand as you needed to with someone like Denfield.

So, Prissy Palmer, it was. Wasn’t need for a nickname or a grinding name to ridicule her with after that. Also setting her apart from the children in the village was the…

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