Sunday Meme-ing the Week that Was in Books

This is my second time participating in the Sunday Post meme , in which we’re supposed to share the past week in book-ish news with others in the book blogging community.

Let’s start with the books and then we’ll get to the ish

I started ClosureClosure: Contemporary Black British Short Stories maybe a little bit before this week but it’s been my travelling (i.e. on the road) book this week. I’m enjoying it so far, so much so that’s the only other book of the in-progress pile by my bed that’s managed to drag my attention away (even when I’m not on the road) is The Lizard CageThe Lizard Cage by Karen Connelly. I’ve been reading The Lizard Cage for a while now but don’t let that fool you; this is a very compelling read. I don’t want to say too much because I’m almost done and my review is coming soon(ish), but let’s just say that I slammed it down and glared at it today, then went on my facebook page and cursed it out. Like I said, compelling.

I’ve been posting flashback pages of my book launches, from first The Boy from Willow Bend (a coming of age novella) to most recent With Grace (a Caribbean fairytale and picture book). I’m not done but hope you’ll check out what I’ve done so far.


Last time I participated in the meme, I mentioned that I was starting The Known Worldedwardpjones_theknownworld – well, I’ve since posted my review.

Now for the ish

Blog stuff

There are some book mentions – Book of Night Women, Sugar Barrons, Mary Prince, To Shoot Hard Labour and my own musical_youth_nov1-e1415925946338 Musical Youth– in the latest post on the blog, the only really new post here of the past week.

Between a book editing project (the hustle), processing entries to the Wadadli Pen Challenge (a lit arts development project I run), and life life-ing, it’s been a week of ups and downs, as weeks tend to be. A highlight was my meet-up with our Wadadli Pen project intern because I stay being impressed with this young lady. But since this is a book-ish post, I’ll mention books received by the project this week -well, I can’t mention them all but let’s just say the stash includes several Mary Poppins, Paddington, and other kid-friendly books for the 12 and youngers while the adult stash includes  two writing books I’ve sworn by On Writing by Stephen King (which is in my top two books on writing that I’ve read) on writingand 3 A M Epiphany by Brian Kitely (in which you’ll find lots of prompts to jump start your writing) among other craft books including one This Year You Write Your Novel by Mosely, and some good looking reads like Fire Child by S. K. Treymane, The Things I should have told you by Carmel Harrington, and The Woman Who Upped and Left by Fiona Gibson, among others (have you read any of those?). See list of patrons here (though I do need to update it).

Around the blogosphere

I posted, on my other blog, about the finalists for two significant Caribbean book prizes, Bocas (I’m rooting for Kei Miller’s Augustown based on my love for his previous writing and the fact that this one is already on my to-read list) and the Burt Award (by the way I listed all the Burt titles – gift ideas for the teen/young adult in your life); also the Anisfield Wolf Book Awards, if any one wants to check out any of the books on those lists.

Some of the blogs I liked or commented on were: Pearls Before Swine’s write up on Get Out (because, seriously, this movie!), Repeating Islands’ share of an article by Professor Carolyn Cooper on the recently departed Nobel Laureate, the Caribbean’s own Derek Walcott (he’s been eulogized everywhere, some I’ve linked here, but I wanted to share one by one of our own), and BookerTalk’s post on mothers in fiction.

de Brawta (as we say here in Antigua)

As far as my own writing goes, The Other Daughter was posted in Adda some time after my first Sunday meme participation and this past week Little Prissy Palmer was published in The Machinery, if you’re in the mood to read short fiction.

So that’s life in book-ish news this past week or so; the week ahead is yet unwritten. Tonight I hate-watch (because it’s been that kind of season) the Walking Dead.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Meme-ing the Week that Was in Books

  1. I’ve seen The Known World on the shelves at the library and wondered. Thanks for the review so I don’t have to wonder anymore. Also while looking back through your reviews, I came across Bad Boy Brawly Brown, part of the Easy Rawlins series. I would have commented there, but I didn’t see a comment box? But I will say here that I’ve read all of the series and my favorite was White Butterfly, because of its brutal honesty, even though Easy definitely doesn’t come across as a sympathetic character.

  2. I have been wanting to read The Lizard Cage for a while now. I have heard I is a very emotional read. The Known World is supposed to be really good–thank you for your insightful review, by the way.

    I didn’t mind this season of The Walking Dead, especially after the season premiere. It was definitely quieter. My only complaint is that it didn’t really go anywhere. I was very happy with the season finale (which I got to watch live–so rare in my house).

    I hope you have a great week, Joanne.

    • You, too, Literary Feline. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, to everything you said. I was very happy with the season finale of TWD (this show still has the ability to surprise me, I guess; it was worth hanging in there for). The Known World was so good and The Lizard Cage so emotional. Posting the review shortly – hope you’ll check it out.

  3. Great review of The Known World! I’ve thought about picking that one up since I saw it on a store shelf some time ago, I’ll have to see if the library has a copy and give it a try.
    I hate-watch The Walking Dead as well, but I sort of stopped watching one weekend and forgot to pick it back up. It’s so freaking frustrating to watch now.

    I hope you have a great week!

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