It’s Sunday: Here’s My Week in Books ‘n things

I rescued one of the three ripening paw paws (papayas) on the trees in my yard from the birds and today made paw paw pancakes (what? That’s a thing!) and it was delicious.

Most of my reading today has been the entries to the Wadadli Pen Challenge (the annual writing contest I oversee here in Antigua and Barbuda) because it’s been a weekend of trying to push forward on the processing. The awards ceremony may be May 13th at the Wadadli Stories book fair, but April’s rushing by like the wind that keeps knocking baby mangoes off my tree before they get a chance to reach maturity (yes, I’m cooping* the mango tree).

On the book front, I finished The Lizard CageLizard Cage and posted my review (which I shared here – comment here if you wish to comment because the review page will change with the next book finished and so far, it’s looking like that will be Closure: Contemporary Black British Short Stories, which I shared in my last Sunday Post – I’m still digging it, though reading time has been scarce). This week I also picked up once again Turn Thanks by Lorna Goodison from the by-the-bed-reading-pile and BIM: Arts for the 21st Century from the on-the-shelf-to-be-read-pile. I’ll let you know how those go.

On my own writing front, the inkling of a ghost story that scratched at my brain during a visit to a historical graveyard on a Saturday drive aside, not much to report (sadly) BUT progress is being made toward getting my first children’s picture book back in print; in fact, the publisher, Caribbean Reads Publishing, shared this  teaser image from Caribbean Reads facebookon their facebook page so I think it’s okay for me to share it here. Excited like I am?

Meantime, I’m still hoping any one reading this with children in their life will gift them a copy of my currently on the market picture book With Grace (a Caribbean faerie tale)with-gracewhich was published in December by Little Bell Caribbean – in fact check out my books for various ages (chidren to teens/young adults to adults) here.

That’s the week in things book-ish. It’ll be my Sunday Salon post, and my latest contribution to the Sunday Post meme started by Caffeinated Book Reviewer – hey, there are two of us!

*cooping – watching like a hawk and salivating in anticipation.



6 thoughts on “It’s Sunday: Here’s My Week in Books ‘n things

  1. First visit to your wonderful blog! I am anxious to follow so I know when the picture book comes back out!! How can I not be intrigued by such a happy Jellyfish!

    Good luck with the contest! I bet it gets harder and harder to make a choice.

    • Hi Laura, Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, he is a happy jellyfish, isn’t he? There’s also a tree faerie in With Grace if you want to check that one out in the meantime. Ah, the contest, thankfully, I have judges for the decision making. Gets rougher and rougher every year; but it’s a good problem to have – unearthing and encouraging emerging talent.

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