“A thin girl crouches behind the cover of a cassi tree when she hears cars, more than one, coming up the path. She is naked and old enough now, at thirteen, to be embarrassed by that. Her mind is a fog and she is wet, as if she’s been in the water.”

This just in – and by in, I mean, in the mail, as in the book finally making it’s way here via our mail service, opening it and seeing…my story ‘Amelia at Devil’s Bridge’, previously published in Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean, now excerpted on P. 97 of Collins Concise Revision Course CSEC English A. With revision questions – e.g. ‘what is “rocks are sharper than a coconut vendor’s cutlass” in line 11 an example of’ and ‘What do you think was the writer’s intention when she wrote this story’. Kinda trippy. Never pictured my fiction in an academic book. But there it is. #TheWritingLife

(Images – me with the book on my crappy web cam; and a book flyer I did for a fair I participated in on the day the book arrived – it was both a highlight and confusing when my father looked at the flyer and said you have stuff in all these, because as much as your family knows about this writing thing you do, and has been very supportive of your journey, it’s never really real is it…or maybe he’s just wondering how I could have stuff in all those and not be rolling in money…fair question).

Anyway, click the link for my books.

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2 thoughts on “BOOKS

  1. Congratulations!
    I love the imagery conjured by your prose. Just spectacular.
    I’m of the opinion that you are much closer to financial success.
    Your ability to keep doing what you do while promoting and encouraging the work of so many others continues to amaze me.

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