I’ve had a re-occurrence these past weeks of some painful episodes – physically and emotionally; and never let it be said that those two things are not intertwined. Well, in addition to physical interventions, I’m getting ready to mind over matter this bitch. Not as a distraction but as a way of getting positive energy to flow all through me.

So, my daily affirmations for the time being, my greeting of the day will come with rhythm and dance, the kind of wild dancing you do when no one else is looking even if they are. Because there’s no way to throw yourself bodily in to the dance without releasing whatever’s keeping you flat-footed. You have to move.

I love music. I can’t say this loudly enough. Even if I could never write again (heaven forbid), I wouldn’t want to live in a world without music. It would be too quiet and oppressive. Because music is movement and momentum, calling to us body, mind, and spirit. So, I’ll turn my affirmation in to a dance party, add that to my daily exercise, a song a day (at least!) to keep the pain at bay. And I’m going to let that music and that dance lead me to the page (writing time, baby, because writers write whatever the hell else is going on); yep, I’m re-orienting my day. You feel me.

Today’s selection:

What’s getting you moving today?


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