I will remember your name

“Your lives had meaning
Your lives had joy
You touched so many people
Many more than you will know”

I know this song is specifically about the many who died from AIDS but it’s always spoken to me about embracing the value of every soul that passes through our lives, and the concept that no one truly dies until no one remembers them. It can be a comfort…and as a #Fridaymeditation pulls some strange, interpretative dance moves from the body.

If you want to have your own dance party with this week’s other musical meditations, the potpourri of songs were, in this order;

Sun is Shining by Bob Marley
You Give Good Love by Whitney Houston
Take on Me by A-ha
Get the Party Started by P!NK
I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross
Mo Money Mo Problems by Notorious BIG feat. Mase and Puff Daddy
Ring de Alarm by Tenor Saw
Ting-a-Ling by Shabba Ranks
Queen of the Pack by Patra
Action by Terror Fabulous feat. Nadine Sutherland


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