Beach and Books

#crossposting this one to Mailbox Monday  – the meme for sharing books that came in the Mailbox during the week.

First, Monday.

Found myself feeling a bit like the Bangles in this song

So decided to move my ‘office’ to the beach, because when you live on a Caribbean island and freelance, you can do that. And the beach was nice, as even a bad beach day is a good beach day in Antigua, and today wasn’t a bad beach day weather-wise, as evidenced by the tourists and locals out at what I had hoped would be my quiet beach retreat…sigh. Thought everyone else would be otherwhere on a Monday (silly Rabbit). I decided to track down a more off the beaten path beach only to find it much changed from what it was. Expanded for the pleasure of the tourists with bulldozers clearing land presumably for more construction (‘Development’ is the word) and though I could access it, it felt, I don’t know, not the quiet alcove I remembered and somehow…off-limits. I reject that feeling (physical fences, invisible fences) because all beaches are public beaches in Antigua and beach access mandatory.  But, today, I just wanted somewhere quiet to retreat and maybe write. Or not write as the case may be. I found a spot but that too was soon invaded and my dip in the water aside (because you know I had to immerse myself for a bit and honestly just getting to do that was worth a lot) mission beach office was a sandy bust, though the beach itself was not.

Now, books.

In my mailbox, was news from the publisher of my last book With Grace, a children’s picture book and Caribbean fairytale IMG_2491-Lockhart-1 that it has been selected as one of six summer reads for the Governor’s Challenge in the US Virgin Islands – fingers crossed that interest spreads.

In my bag, because there’s always at least one book in my bag, were the two I mentioned in the last mailbox – In Time of Need and Wide Sargasso Sea – both still in progress, through no fault of their own. But having finished Interviewing the Caribbean, I plucked another one from the shelf of unread books and that’s what I wanted to mention for my Mailbox. It’s Glorious by Bernice McFaddenGlorious. I have high expectations for this one as I largely liked her book Sugar.

Speaking of Sugar I re-watched episode 1 of OWN’s Queen Sugar and it was as good as I remembered, which begs the question, why haven’t I watched the rest of the season? I need to correct that. But seriously, as with books, so many good shows, so little time (p.s. I did finally catch Sense8 and wish I’d done so before it was cancelled. Why can’t we have nice things?).

McFadden’s Glorious, per the synopsis, is “set against the backdrops of the Jim Crow South, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Civil Rights era” and tells the story of a fictional Harlem Renaissance writer, her “tumultuous path to success, ruin, and ultimately revival”. Why am I getting Zora Neale Hurston vibes just from that description? Guess I’ll have to read to find out.


2 thoughts on “Beach and Books

  1. Having an office on the beach sounds lovely. My primary business is Oceanside because we used to be two blocks off the beach. Now we are inland – an hour from the beach.
    Congrats on With Grace being included in the Governor’s Challenge. Glorious looks good. Happy Reading!

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