Going Places Without Me


Musical Youth at an event in somewhere, USA…

And no better time to grab it for your bookshelf. It’s currently on sale (for a limited time) at Amazon.

Sample Amazon Customer Reviews:

“I was swept up into the twist at the end and was thoroughly engaged from the first page to the last.”

“I fell in love with the characters.”

“I liked the story of the young people’s interaction, the flow of the story and the fact that it was not about sex, but the growth of the friendship into love.”

“Quite a page turner, finished it in no time.”

“The characters, both young and old are very true to life – from the main characters, teens, Zahara and Shaka and his Crew, to the grandparents and other adults in their lives.”

“I was very impressed with this book mostly because I am a teenager myself and I found it very relatable.”

“Many times in Caribbean books you reminisce about how your childhood compared and Pappy was it for me: holding everyone and everything together with simple finesse that you didn’t even notice it.”

“Musical Youth is beautifully written.”



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