Sunday Post – just another Sunday in July

It’s been a quiet Sunday here in Antigua (quiet and hot!), the quiet before the storm that is Carnival – the Carnival bacchanal is already brewing (but that’s a story for another time).  Though, if you’re up for it, you can read my fictional Carnival Hangover story (mind the triggers though). This is my Sunday Post  (hosted by the Caffeinated Reviewer), also my Sunday Salon and I’ll probably link to some other bookish memes before I’m done (Stacking the Shelves, Mailbox Monday , and It’s Monday, what are you reading –  for example).

I have a few books on my mind this week including Musical Youth musical_youth_nov1-e1415925946338(which I’m pushing  as a great summer read for the teen in your life). Here’s an extract posted recently to the publisher website.

As to other people’s books… I finished reading Shakirah Bourne’s In Time of Need Time*throws confetti* and I posted my review. It’s a short story collection and I talk about each individual story. Here’s an excerpt (of my review, not the book):

‘I really loved ‘Crossing Over’ – I’ve read it before, in St. Somewhere, and was happy to see it here. It’s easily one of my favourites in this collection. The opening “When I was younger, I used to love going to funerals because I could sneak away from my crying mother and run outside in the graveyard with my friends, where the real fun began”, had a cracky, darkly humorous distinctly Caribbean, uncensored childlike askew view of the world that tickled me and yet the story navigates the tonal shift to darker themes with ease.’

Shakirah is a Barbadian writer, playwright, and filmmaker, a young Caribbean creative with seeming boundless energy given the sheer number of projects she’s rolled out in the past few years…but then she’s not as active in the blogging community as she used to be (the answer to her productivity may lie in that *hint hint* to self*). Read the entire review here  (well, until it moves to ‘older reads’ in which case the link can still be found here ).

So I’m actively reading See now thenSee Now Then by Jamaica Kincaid and GloriousGlorious by Bernice McFadden, and less actively (through no fault of the book’s, just time) Sargasso Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, and then there are some dormant ones on my current reads list (which I’ll get back to as soon as I can) – including (freshly plucked from my book shelf) Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandayanectar. Yes, I am the kind of reader that has several books going at once. What can I say, I like to mix it up –this is true of how I work and how I play.

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying life wherever you are and you’ve got a good book in your bag for those long bus rides.


16 thoughts on “Sunday Post – just another Sunday in July

  1. I always have at least two (audio and kindle) books at a time; sometimes three if I have a print book. Musical Youth and In Time of Need both look good. Hope you continue to enjoy your reading.

    • Never been to the one in Rio… but our Carnival is tied in with our Emancipation which is August 1st and includes roughly two weeks of nightly shows (and weeks before that of pre-fetes) – steelband, calypso, soca, pageantry – and then a J’ouvert and two day street party with a marathon parade of costumes (i.e. the best part). I’ll be sure to share some highlights after. This is the 60th Anniversary of our Carnival.

  2. I get distracted easily so I usually have a lot of books going at once too. However, I did a readathon this weekend and finished up a lot of books. I’m in the very unusual situation of have nothing started that I care much about.

  3. Hallo, Hallo Joanne!

    I’m happy to come visit you after the lovely comment you left me today via The Sunday Post! 🙂 I am just starting to make my way through the linky! I have some good news to share with everyone tomorrow, too – however, tonight I wanted to see what your reading this week!

    I enjoyed hearing about the short story collection you had read – especially as you gave such a strong impression of what it felt like to read the short you were highlighting! I love when bloggers are able to fuse their reading moments into articulating what they felt so that their visitors can see a portal into how the stories they read impress them.

    I used to do this all the time – be partially engaged in one story or another, up to about four stories at once? Since I started blogging, I had to change my patterns a bit because I find blogging about one singular story (or work of Non Fiction) takes a lot of concentration as your not just reading it to root out the heart of the narrative, but your reading it from the point-of-perspective of a book blogger – of how to bridge the gap between you, the book and the reader. At least this is true for me and why I only read one book at a time now.

    I saw where you hinted at the missing key between being more productive as a writer & being a blogger could hinge on how active we are in the blogosphere or on our social outlet of choice – I can see the connective threads there, except for me personally, I find myself renewed a bit in my creative spirit as I blog and engage on Twitter. I do pull back when I need too – the art of balance is always a learning curve in life, but I do know – when I start to shift back into writing my stories & poems full-time, there will be larger periods of inactivity on my blog as we do need to take the time we need to simply follow our muse, too! 🙂

    Speaking of Wide Sargasso Sea I need to read this after I finish Jane Eyre (long story!) as I want to move into a sequel series by Luccia Gray who wrote a trilogy which combines the back-stories between both Eyre and Sargasso Sea! Look for these readings of mine towards September! As this is the month it all began for me and the month it shall resume! 🙂

    I will come back and read the extract for your novel! Congratulations!

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