Out Dey!

Some days you just need to go back to your happy place (yes, there were bumps in the making and showcasing of Grace’s Merrymakers; but playing mas is still one of the purest pleasures there is because when the music hits you, you feel no pain).


on the road 2

on the road

This is me and a couple of friends playing the mango tree faerie from my children’s picture book for the 60th anniversary of Antigua’s Carnival.

Video taken by my niece (who was one of my banner holders) 20706223_1678542355489442_804926424_oduring our appearance on the stage – first ones on the stage (no warm up) – Carnival Monday, pictures plucked from the Antigua Carnival’s Facebook – Carnival Tuesday album. The song in the video is Out Dey by Claudette ‘CP’ Peters which went on to earn her the distinction of being the first female soca artiste to win the Antigua Road March title (i.e. most played song on the road for the 60th anniversary of Antigua’s Carnival).

For the back story go to the making of Grace’s Merrymakers and for the back story to that (i.e. the book itself) go to the With Grace first page and reviews page.

Yep, it may have been released in December 2016 but between being picked as one of the US Virgin Islands’ Governor’s Summer Reads and the tree faerie being Out Dey in de Carnival, it’s been the summer of Grace.

ETA: I’m also making this my Sunday Post (a meme run by the Caffeinated Reviewer) because, yay, I finished and blogged about Wide Sargasso Sea this Sunday. Read the review here. That means that I can add another book to my active reading pile and that book is – ta-dah! – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. Don’t judge me. Okay, judge, whatever but another blogger decided to mail it to me after I told her how much the movie sucked – either this is a case of the book being better than the movie or she’s trying to prank me. Either way, there’s a hurricane coming and I need the distraction. You know how this post opens with needing to go to my happy place, well…there you have it.

9 thoughts on “Out Dey!

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  3. I just wanted to stop back by and tell you to hunker down and stay safe. I know Irma must be very close now. Prayers are with you!

    • Hi Laura, I’m only just now seeing your comments. Things have been kind of disrupted on this end…you know how it is. My island was spared the worst but my sister island Barbuda was directly in the path of the eye so they have a long road back (and since we are a twin-island state, it’s our long journey back). Plus many other Caribbean island nations badly affected. Check out my post ‘After the Storm’. Appreciate all your comments, prayers, and good wishes.

  4. And stay safe from Irma. She’s a nasty one. I’m on the Gulf Coast and think it won’t come in here but that path is not looking good for a lot of us.

  5. Hi Joanne. That music made me wish I was dancing with ya’ll. Looks so fun and such colorful outfts! I read Abe Lincoln – Vampire Hunter and really liked it. The movie was fun too.

  6. That looks like so much FUN!

    I read Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter back in 2010. I saw the book in one of the displays at my library and I was like, um, what is THIS? Of course I had to grab it. I remember it being fun. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

    • It is. Consider this my open reminder to the world that if you haven’t experienced Carnival in Antigua, you haven’t lived…lol… and great, re Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (to quote Dean Winchester: Vampires, it gets funnier every time I hear it), fun is good.

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