The Question Was…

A new interview has been added to the media page. It’s an audio of a radio interview.

Here’s an excerpt:

“My writing is influenced by life…I think what I write is very much from the core of who I am, what my experiences have been, not in a literal way, not in a biographical way, but in terms of the energy and the culture of Antigua and Barbuda, of Ottos, Antigua, where I’m from, and just as we transition in the world, as Antigua becomes more of itself, reflecting that, capturing that; so my writing is influenced by life.

My latest book is a children’s picture book; it has fantasy elements. It’s called Lost! A Caribbean Sea AdventureNov 2 2017 and it’s about an arctic seal and a jellyfish and there are other underwater creatures in it; but at the same time it’s influenced by that story that happened some years ago when Wadadli, the arctic seal, found himself stranded in the Caribbean Sea and we had to figure out how we’re going to get him back to his natural habitat, even things like that can influence a story. Because a lot of it comes from the what if, what if this happened, then what, then what, then what; and for me writing a lot of the times is trying to make sense of life, trying to figure out how I feel about things, trying to understand what’s happening. And I think for a lot of writers it’s probably the same thing, it’s that whole thing of sort of wrestling with life.”

And the question was, “what or who has influenced your writing over all these years” with, as a follow up, if I think that’s true of most writers. Listen to the whole conversation in the Interview Section of the Media room.

Remember, November 30th 2017 is Publication Day for Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure – a picture book described as “appealing book, all the more so for being based on real life” by Kirkus Reviews. It is already available for pre-order. Please help me spread the news and consider purchasing for the young readers in your life. If you’re in Antigua, copies are already available at the Best of Books.

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