JHOHADLI Writing Project – New Sessions (Register Now from Antigua-Barbuda or Abroad)

I have been offering courses and workshops in Antigua and Barbuda for some time. In 2018, I open up my sessions to participants from other places. While you won’t be in session benefiting from the interactive nature of my workshops, you will receive course notes and individual written feedback – a service not afforded to live-in-session participants. In this way, you can be a part of the workshop experience while benefiting from individual coaching. This series will be ongoing with fresh content designed by me drawing on my own expertise honed over more than a decade and six books of being a published writer, and the expertise of others. I remain an avid student of the craft and continue to pull lessons from multiple sources. You will benefit from this.

Each series will focus on a different aspect of the craft of writing; so that while past sessions have been more general, this series will allow you to hone in on areas in need of strengthening and build your writing muscles.

Each series is only four weeks and you work on your own time. This allows you to set realistic goals and better manage your schedule, while being committed to series goals, getting out of it what you put in.

First series focus – Setting.

Contact me for registration details.

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Antiguans and Barbudans, this, of course, remains open to you as well. You will benefit from weekly sessions to be held, beginning January 13th 2018, at the Best of Books.

Contact me for registration details.

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“Joanne is a great editor. She is thorough and delivers in a timely manner. Her notes are valuable, which helps flesh out the story one is working on. I can’t recommend her enough.” (fiction editing client)

“Joanne’s coaching has been practical, resourceful and supportive.  The feedback she gives is amazing in the way that she makes strong suggestions while allowing me to maintain my voice. As a writing newbie, working with Joanne has been a great boost to my confidence and she challenges me to explore styles and perspective that I would never have tackled on my own.  She is also very flexible with my schedule to keep me on track.” (writing coaching client)

“I would recommend this course to someone else because it is educational and our tutor is very knowledgeable and likes to be challenged.” (participant, written communication course, offered in partnership with Barbara Arrindell & Associates)

“I learned something new each day.” (participant, creative writing workshop for teachers at the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Education Summer Institute)

“I gained insight into different techniques and styles of writing, and an appreciation for the technical ability required, as well as guidance in replicating these styles. I was also able to gain constructive criticism on several original pieces and works in progress.” (participant, Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project 2015)

“The workshop was excellent!! I have been to workshops before but Joanne and Bernice used unconventional ways to access creativity. The exercises were very novel and generated a lot of new ideas. Great learning experience for me and I will use the techniques going forward to get story ideas.” (participant, creative writing workshop at BIM Lit Fest, jointly facilitated with Bernice McFadden)

“I learned a lot from this camp. I can honestly say that my writing has improved from this experience and because of it I’m sure I will get better. Highlight of my summer.” (participant, Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project 2013)

“I gained courage to share my work with others, I learned to look beyond/deeper than what’s on the surface and to show the readers rather than telling them, which makes the piece much more interesting. I also learned that detail is very important.” (participant, Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project 2013)

“The activities we did were very helpful in developing writing, reading , observational skills, and more.” (participant, Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project 2013)

“Informative, interactive, educational and funny……learnt some tips re: review: rewriting and editing – sharing painful, funny editing sagas and sharing story ideas…” (workshop participant, Jhohadli Writing Project)

“Being my first writers’ circle it was just a breath for fresh air, generally. Enabling, me to look at writing for a new aspect, and just keep writing…as a young writer it is realized that I’ve a lot to learn.” – (participant, my first Express Yourself! writers workshop, subsequently rebranded as the Jhohadli Writing Project)

“The information I got from the workshop was priceless…I thrived in the environment you created.” (participant, CODE-sponsored writing workshop)

“(I learned) how to construct and edit and how to ‘back up my chat’.” (participant, Department of Youth Affairs media training workshop)

“The one on one was very good I was able to get a candid opinion on my work from a writer …(whose) work I respect, It was very helpful to have both strong points of my pieces and my issues highlighted and be given suggestions on how to make my work better.” (participant in one-on-one tutorial during Just Write Writers Retreat)

New sessions of the Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Series begin on January 13th 2018.

Contact me for registration details.

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