And books are good things

I’ll be linking this post with the meme This Week in Books.


This week I finished Nectar in a Sieve and started the next book in the Glamourist Series.

I also did some housekeeping re the Blogger in Books series, starting the sixth book in the series with Nectar.

My review begins:

“Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya – Nectar in a Sieve is a very harrowing novel. Harrowing has a few definitions. It can refer to the tool used to break up and level land, to the process of drawing a harrow over the land to break it up, to becoming broken up by the process, and to disturbing and distressing the mind, soul, and spirit. All seem applicable.”

Read the full review at Blogger on Books Vl, where you’ll also find one of my throwback reviews, Eric Jerome Dickey’s Friends and Lovers.

I’ve also updated Blogger on Books lV and V, so be sure to check those out as well.

Today, I started Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal, my third (fourth if we’re being technical) read in her Glamourist series. And yes, there are several books on my active reading pile, more on my unread books shelf, more on my wish list, plus one I bought this week (a Faye Kellerman…but in my defense, a World War ll era detective novel by one of my favourite mystery-thriller authors, and from the discount shelf) and another I inquired about at the bookstore (a Jonathan Kellerman, my favourite-er mystery-thriller author). Don’t judge me. I need good things right now.

As a reminder, I have restarted my creative writing workshops as of this month. You can participate from anywhere. This cycle runs to February 3rd but if you want to participate in future cycles contact me. Read about my Jhohadli Writing Project workshop series here.

Be sure to check out Boys DO Read and Mark Your Calendars, two fresh posts over at my other blog.

6 thoughts on “And books are good things

  1. All of the books you mentioned are new to me but sound like good ones. Hope you them. I’ve been trying to get an online creative writing circle going for a while so I’ll come check out what yours is about and maybe join you…exciting!

    • I know. I haven’t read one in a while either. And to be honest, I’m a bigger fan of her husband Jonathan (specifically his Alex Delaware series) but I have enjoyed her Peter Decker series and even read a couple of her Cindy Decker books. This one is a historical crime novel (pre-WWll) and also not new Straight into Darkness. Can’t wait to read…but I’ll try.

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