Monday Morning

I was scheduled to do a local TV appearance this morning. But I got bumped. I’m not mad. Well, any non-morning person who has to be up at the crack of morning and sensible enough to navigate traffic AND get her thoughts lined up in correct order on about 3 hours of sleep and one cup of coffee is going to be a little bit mad. But I understand the ways of television…and election season (not saying that that has anything to do with anything, just saying). Sigh. Yes, it is election season in Antigua and Barbuda, albeit a blessedly short one. Hopefully we’ll act in the best interest of the country and hopefully that’s not just sleep deprivation talking.

Anyway, I’m not here for that. I’m here to plug the things I would have plugged on the morning show.

Wadadli Pen.

Wadadli Pen Flyer 2018 2

If you’re a writer in Antigua and Barbuda, you need to get your entries in by February 28th 2018 and, if you’d like to contribute to our prize package, in a big or small way, please contact the Wadadli Pen team at

Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series.

March 2018 workshop

If you’re anywhere in the world and you want to be a part of this series, contact me at for registration information for those in Antigua and Barbuda, information on how to participate for those outside of Antigua and Barbuda, and participation fees.

Other things literary in Antigua and Barbuda.

Such as the opportunities and initiatives that have thrived, in spite of an enabling environment, and others, like the Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival, that have withered on a limb for want of one.


Me on a panel with New York Times Bestselling Author Eric Jerome Dickey at the ABILF.

Read that here.

Thanks to the morning show producer for the invitation and for offering to give some airtime to Wadadli Pen and Jhohadli in spite of having to bump me due to time constraints. Grumpy morningness aside, I’m not entitled to any airtime at all, so give thanks.


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