Share: Antigua & Barbuda Literary Culture

Well, the flu gods looked in on my plans for the week (and probably also thought I was feeling myself too much after seeing Black Panther last weekend) and they said, I see you and I raise you. #TKO Well, the only thing being raised this week was the roof on my neighbour’s house which became real when it hit me that the view through my bedroom window of the hills beyond was blocked. I’ve actually been writing a character who has a hugely emotional reaction to that – the blocked view not the flu – so maybe this’ll help me understand her a little better. Though honestly I’ve been too physically flattened this week to be emotional about much of anything…ah, life.  Should’ve known it was going to be a bumpy (or laid on my ass) week when my Monday morning TV appearance was cancelled.

I am starting to poke my head back out in to the land of the living and wanted to share a post about the literary culture in Antigua and Barbuda from my other blog. How I approached it was looking at the significant events in a number of categories in the years I’ve been doing that blog. So, for instance, the 2010 entry reads:

This blog launched in April 2010 and committed to spotlighting not only the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize (a project committed to nurturing and showcasing the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda since 2004) but the literary arts (and then some) in Antigua and Barbuda (and beyond) – one example of the type of coverage I did as site blogger from that first year was ‘Lit Happenings Antigua-Barbuda Nov 1-8 2010′.

Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival launched in 2006 by two entrepreneurial (Montserratian!) sisters with strong author support and so much potential but, notwithstanding a revival in 2010, unfortunately has not survived.

Wadadli Pen Open Mic launched in 2010 using the Wadadli Pen name but run by the Best of Books and acting as a development platform for young/budding writers.

The Cushion Club – a reading club for children in Antigua and Barbuda – continued its relationship with Buckley’s Primary; this project began with school visits by me and CC leader Cedric Holder to the school, one of several schools we’ve both visited over the years, to read and run story workshops. The prize was sponsored by Cedric on behalf of the Cushion Club because of his desire to encourage greater interest and aptitude in the humanities. Cedric has also consistently contributed a prize to the Wadadli Pen Challenge on behalf of the Cushion Club.

Wadadli Pen returned after a 3 year hiatus – its life 2004-2010 to that time chronicled in this post.

Voices from the Lagoon, a collection of student writings shepherded by scribe and teacher Fransene Massiah-Headley released.

Number of publications in 2010 (not including the student publication which isn’t listed in the data base of Antiguan and Barbudan Writings, and specific to publication whether independently or with a local, regional or international press, ebook or print or both, by Antiguan and Barbudan writers living in Antigua and Barbuda):  7

Read the entire post over at Wadadli Pen.


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