Workshops: a Reflection

My workshops are pretty organic and interactive. That’s one reason I like to keep it small, so that we can keep it engaged and flexible; so that though it is carefully planned, it adapts.

It’s why my favourite moment in the most recent session in my creative writing workshop series – the last of the second series of four week sessions since the start of 2018 – was when, when I pointed out an edit in response to a writing exercise, a participant said, before I could even venture a detailed explanation, “Oh…Oh I see now.” As facilitator, you live for those moments when a participant has an “Oh…I see” moment. Because, presumably, that’s their brain threading together what you’ve tried to impart week to week – through your presentations and discussions, reading and analysis of the works of others, active writing and listening, reviewing and critiquing – and seeing how it applies to their writing. It’s nice to get a positive review on reflection, but that unfiltered, in the moment exclamation says it more powerfully.

At least for me.

I hope to have more of those moments as I press on with the Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop series. The purpose is to jump start writing, enhance understanding of craft, get projects started, move projects forward, expand awareness of creative writing, yours and others, and to just write. I’ve tried to keep the price reasonable with several payment options, focused themes so that it doesn’t feel rushed and scattered, and avenues to participation for people resident in Antigua and Barbuda and elsewhere.

I’m hoping to keep it going as long as there’s interest. So, if you’re interested, contact me and request your name be added to the mailing list for future announcements. New sessions to begin later this month.

April 2018

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