Because Rounding Up Beats Rounding Down

33403333_10155321700632633_3227424024636162048_nSo this is a quick-ish round-up of recent posts of mine that you might have missed. You’re welcome (lol).

Ten times I thought a female emcee was fire! (this is in Joanne’s Picks which is just for fun and changes with the mood so catch it quick and get your rap on)
I added a single page author kit in pdf format to my BiO page (because it’s another of a million ideas I’ve come across for authors to boost their brand and … it’s not like I was writing, right?)
CREATIVE SPACE update (I’m still excited about this series and hopeful that businesses in Antigua and Barbuda will embrace it as an opportunity to boost their brand while boosting local art and culture)
CREATIVE SPACE #4 of 2018 (…in which I make a credible case that tennis qualifies for this series)
The Writing Life (it sees, it saws; and every now and again someone lifts you up)
Appearances (this page hasn’t been updated in a while so take a look to see what I have coming up, and see you there)
Re Beach Access in Antigua and Barbuda (how many years in to this blogging thing I’m still trying to find the right balance tone and content wise. I’m clearly in my zone talking about my own journey writing, discussing books and TV shows/movies, sharing music I like and other things that grab my interest…and that latter category is the bug because I could literally rant about a million things a day…I don’t but I could. Yet this is my second rant about beach access on my islands)
More Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series (An invitation to register interest in future sessions by sharing what the experience was like for the last round of participants in their own words; to be clear this is a paid workshop series on the craft of fiction writing open to anyone whether based in Antigua-Barbuda or not)
Reviews – Dancing Nude in the Moonlight (this book, relative to my other books, has never had the kind of sales it merited based on the reader and critical feedback; so every chance I get to remind you to check it out, pass it on, even if due to only a minor update to the reviews page, I’m going to take it)Dancing 10 cover
Blogger on Books Vl (2018) (I had a reading burst right after finishing A Brief History of Seven Killings, the latest addition to this page review here, almost like I’d been backed up…this book and I have been trapped in it for a while #notaquickread In fact, I shared my linked review with a friend with whom I’d been discussing the book and she confessed that she’d tapped out a while ago, and I sense some side-eyeing on her part in my #bothsides approach to the review…but this is what I really thought). ETA: Oh the reading burst has seen me make progress on The Black Rose by Tananarive Due (loving it), Straight into Darkness by Faye Kellerman (getting into it), Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal (slow start compared to others in the series but okay so far), Rogue and Gambit (one of my favourite comic couplings) – ETA: read the review, and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (which is still blowing my mind); and two new books came in the mail Wartime at Woolworth’s by Elaine Everest and the Nakedness of New by Althea Romeo-Mark. Yay!


You still there?

Any interest in updates to the other blog?

Real quick, and not just because I’m loving the new banner, which features Antiguan and Barbudan book covers randomly selected and rotated every quarter, and want to show it off.

Current Caribbean Controversies – Linked (just keeping you in the loop)
Reading Room and Gallery 28 (where I share short stories, poems, interviews, vids etc. that grabbed my interest; this is number 28 in the series)
Mailbox – Dame Nellie Robinson Scripted! (a dope woman who did dope things in a very oppressive time for marginalized groups…no not 2018, 1898…she is Antigua and Barbuda’s lone female national hero)
Mailbox – Commonwealth Short Story Prize (I keep it all the way real!…nah not 100, more like 98, but close enough)
Also peep the additions to the Antigua and Barbuda bibliographies (the record I try to keep of books published by and about Antigua and Barbuda), so be sure to check those out as well. Let me start you off, here’s the non-fiction page.

ETA: Link-ups (because all of these won’t be of interest to everyone but I haven’t done a link up in a while and, *shrug*, all it takes is one thing and one person to make a connection): Sunday Salon, the Caffeinated Reviewer’s Sunday Post, Tynga’s Staking the Shelves, Mailbox Monday, It’s Monday What Are You Reading?, and probably some other ones (so many memes, so little time, like this one I found recently but haven’t participated in yet)…which reminds me, is there a link up for Caribbean book bloggers (books being blogged by Caribbean people but not necessarily limited to Caribbean books…you know, like me)? Maybe I should look in to how to do one some time if there isn’t…hmmmm (pauses to consider if she’s ready for that kind of commitment when she doesn’t even blog on a regular schedule). We’ll see. Anyway, on TV I’ve been watching The Chi (uneven but engaging) and on film, though I haven’t felt driven to watch anything since Black Panther, recently re-watched Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet (his fun and mildly angsty take on forbidden love pre-Brokeback), and watched both Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool 2 (the latter did what it did before but with a bigger budget – so it was funny but also felt a bit been-there; and the former had a lot more heart than I anticipated…so, team…Avengers?) hope you read + enjoy one or more of the links.

12 thoughts on “Because Rounding Up Beats Rounding Down

  1. I need to read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell but I think I will start with The Tipping Point first, it’s been on my wishlist for so long. Enjoy your books and have a nice weekend 🙂

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