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Do you have a favourite moment professionally from 2018 (so far)?

That moment in February when I happened upon myself named in a LitHub article I happened to be reading entitled 10 Female Caribbean Authors You Should Know and Add to Your American Lit Syllabus was a …What? What?!? What! Moment.

And how about a favourite moment from 2018 (so far) generally?

My birthday has been one of the best days of the year so far. Any adventure filled day that ends in a night of dancing is always dope. Grateful for the gift of this day and no less than two other birthday dinners in my birthday month.

Favourite book (read) in 2018 (so far)?
World War Z: an Oral History of the Zombie War (audio book) by Max Brooks.

Favourite film in 2018 (so far)?
Wakanda forever! (otherwise known as Black Panther)

Favourite song of the year (so far)?
Nice for What by Drake.

Any downsides for you in 2018 (so far)?

Are you making resolutions for 2018 so far?
Well, I did this uncharacteristic thing of publicly declaring intention earlier this year.

What are you hoping from 2018?
That… I won’t declare publicly.

This post was inspired by a similar post at elementarywatson (though I brought 2017 forward to 2018 so far) and Sunday (which is my cue to add it to Caffeinated Reviewer’s Sunday Post as well which requires that I tag on this week’s reading – The Nakedness of New by Althea Romeo Mark and Straight into Darkness by Faye Kellerman, both still in progress; and what’s new on the blog – my story The Mango Tief, a posting on a radio appearance, and posting on the Burt Award).

Also the most heart-warming new reader reviews like this one of With Grace:

“I love this book for so many reasons. It’s one of those books that make you wish you had oodles of money so you can buy a copy for every child in your life and every adult book lover you know. I absolutely love the illustration; I love the depth of the story’s themes, especially the message about love; and I love the way each page exudes Caribbean cultural pride. With Grace is like any number of great Disney animated films in that it appeals to adults every bit as much as it does children, if not more so. In fact, I went back and bought a second copy for an adult friend after gifting the first purchase to my six-year-old niece. Di book deep. Smartly written and deep.”

(Pictured, left, author of With Grace, Joanne C. Hillhouse, of Antigua and Barbuda, and, right, illustrator of With Grace, Cherise Constant, of Barbados. With Grace is published by Little Bell Caribbean, a US based independent press which specializes in Caribbean children’s books. With Grace was selected in 2017 as an official pick for the US Virgin Islands Governor’s Summer Read Challenge. And I can’t mention favourite moments without reflecting on the little girl (several of the kids really, but she stood out with her level of enthusiasm) who was so eager to sing the song in the book when I visited the camp she was participating in this summer).


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