Site Updates

I’ve added Author to the Blogger on Books page – no review though, though you can read a bit about what’s in it here. A throwback review of the vampire-thology Vegas Bites has also been uploaded to Blogger on Books Vl.

Vegas Bites
This is more of an in case you missed it, Joss Stone continuing collabs with local artistes on her world stops sings with Antiguan and Barbudan songstress Asha Otto, and I made it the latest Creative Space. It’s an opportunity to learn more about Asha’s music and if you love good music you’ll want to. And for Antiguan and Barbudan businesses, this series has become in a very short time one of the all-time most popular series on the blog, so consider this your reminder that you can boost your brand while boosting local art and culture by sponsoring an installment in the series. Contact me to find out how.

Finally, I always like to remind you to check out and follow the Wadadli Pen blog as well – it’s my platform for all things literary in Antigua and Barbuda. The latest addition is a throwback interview I recently dug up. It makes me a little sad actually (makes me sad to report as well as I did recently on the blog that there will be no 2019 season of the Wadadli Pen Challenge) as they’re talking about yet another arts project in Antigua and Barbuda that bit the dust, the Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival. But it’s always good to hear from three of our (Caribbean) great literary talents Verna Wilkins, Elizabeth Nunez, and Zee Edgell. Since I’m mentioning these three women I thought it’d be an opportunity to shout out one of their books since this site is about #bookchat as much or more than it’s about anything. My Verna Wilkins pick is not a Verna Wilkins book at all; it’s by Alexis Obi with illustrator Lynne Willey but it is published by Tamarind Books which is an independent UK imprint started by Wilkins (so it is one of her books). This was a favourite of a friend of mine’s son – who recently graduated secondary school so you can tell how long ago that was. My Zee Edgell pick is Beka Lamb, a book well known to Caribbean students (not of my generation but after) as it was on the schools reading lists – maybe still is. My Elizabeth Nunez pick is a book of hers that I’ve read called Prospero’s Daughter and if that isn’t hint enough, yes it is a modern Caribbean retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. So check them out.

Finally, gratitude for the shoutouts my book got on facebook this past week. You remember that 7 covers in 7 days challenge I participated in? Well, it’s still going and three of my covers (that I’ve seen) have popped up. Just a note that Oh Gad! is out of print for now and there is a new edition of Dancing Nude in the Moonlight with a very different cover and a lot more packaged with the main story so just a reminder that it is still very much in print, just with a different look. Musical Youth, meanwhile, continues to find new readers; gratitude for all that. More news soon but you all know, if you’re a regular around here, that with very rare exception, I don’t like to speak things until they are manifest. So, talk soon, hopefully. Meantime, check out my books.



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