JWP Creative Writing Workshop Series – Back to Basics

The October sessions “will be taking us Back to Basics for some FUNdamentals. If you think this is an area in which you could stand to get some practice or if you just want to get in to the habit of writing or to be in a space where you can create (some you-time), or if you have a work in progress you’d like to get some movement on, this series might be of value to you.”

Wadadli Pen

One of the pleasures of 2018 has been the Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop series.

In that time, I’ve covered or am covering (inasmuch as you can cover any of these things in four weeks):

Workshopping Participant Works in Progress

Likely, I’ll be circling back around to some of these again.

My approach has included story breakdown and analysis, discussion, lecture/presentation (definitions, techniques, purpose, effect/impact, practical application), in session writing exercises, take home writing exercises, prompted journaling, freewriting, and field exercises. Participants receive a kit with advance reading including works of fiction, author interviews, and articles related to the aspect of writing being explored. I decided to focus on one aspect at a time for…focus.

At the end of each four week series, participants do a written evaluation which I use to guide me as the JWP CWWS continues – and I do hope to…

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