She’s Royal #7

Preamble: Last week was Queen Mary in the Caribbean, now we go to the Scottish highlands.

She’s Royal #7:

agnesLady Agnes Randolph (Black Agnes)

Her Story: Known as the defender of Dunbar, this Scottish (warrior) princess held off against a British attack in 1338. Maybe they thought that with her husband absent, it would have been easy to get her to surrender; instead she met their rocks with arrows, their battering ram with boulders, and their aggression with determination. Bribery and starving her out didn’t work; at one point, they even brought her brother before the castle threatening his life if she did not surrender – remember when Jamie Lannister tried a similar move against the Blackfish during the siege at the Riverrun in Game of Thrones? Well, like that irascible warrior, Black Agnes was unmoved by this threat. It ended better for her than it did Brynden Tully as eventually, as word spread, other Scots rallied to her aid and the invading army retreated in humiliation and defeat. The siege had lasted 19 weeks.

Possible casting: Apparently, she was nicknamed Black Agnes due to her dark hair and colouring…and, of course, a Scottish actress is preferable…so, Rose Leslie? Okay, she’s not dark of hair and colouring but she is Scottish and played a popular (and similarly stubborn) character (Ygritte) on Game of Thrones (so seems fitting).
Next: an Apache warrior princess.

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